Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Confetti System, I love you!!!

I'm sure most of you saw the J Crew holiday window displays: 

via here

For Holiday 2010, J Crew partnered with Confetti System to create (in my opinion) one of the most fun (and sparkly) window displays of the season.  Confetti System is the brainchild of Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, two artists/designers. They use simple materials like tissue paper, silk, and cardboard to create installations and beautiful party decor. 

Ornaments made specially for CrewCuts:

via here

I was lucky enough to get a few of the leftovers from J Crew this year. I was too late to get the garland, which is truly devastating. I thought it would be so fun to use for a baby or bridal shower, or even New Years! Christopher picked these up for me tonight; he claimed people were laughing at him as he carried them to his car. I'm guessing the pinatas had nothing to do with the laughter. Joking aside, I have such a sweet husband! 

I can't get over how fun this would be; if only I'd had the foresight while at OSU, I would have majored in tissue paper and confetti design. Sigh. Nicholas and Julie, if you ever want free help, I would gladly volunteer to help make your lovely, sparkly creations! 




  1. I don't think my J.Crew had these. I am glad you were able to get some.

  2. How pretty! Who knew you could take old display stuff? Awesome!


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