Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Loot!

A few new items have moved into 1551. I thought I'd introduce them to you:

Two Lamps from TJ Maxx (purchased with Christmas money).

Initially I was planning on buying black shades with gold foil lining to switch out the white shades. Now I'm not so sure; I kind of like the white ones. What do you think?!?! 

 Acrylic tray:

 Zig Zag rug (thanks, Mom and Dad)!

I'm pretty happy with my loot!!! Have you added anything new to your home lately? 




  1. Ive added quite a bit to my home. Im so excited to drop by your blog and be a follower. The white lamps look great!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Love the lamps, the acrylic tray, and the new rug is fabulous. By the way where is the tray from? I want one.

  3. I just added a dress form to my home and I am SO excited! I love your newest additions. And I like the whiteness of the lamp shades. Super cute!

  4. I'm a TJ Maxx gal myself so I love those lamps and I have an acrylic tray just like that but mine is oval!

  5. I love it all!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness that is TOO weird, I just went to Home Goods yesterday and bought those exact lamps! I absolutely love them!

  7. Nuha, the dress form sounds fun!!! Thanks for the input on the shades too!

    Natalie, that is REALLY weird. I absolutely love them too!

    Sara, the tray is from CB2.

  8. Is that tray from CB2? I got the exact same one last weekend for my desk! I love it!

  9. Hi Kelly,

    I saw a pic that was pinned from this blog of an acrylic tray (the one from CB2 I think) on top of a folding acrylic stand. It was next to the leather couch with the zig zag rug underneath. I was wondering where the stand came from? I would love to have it for my family room! :)


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