Friday, January 28, 2011

Could the Long Search Be OVER?!?

I've been on a mad hunt for campaign furniture for months with absolutely no success. I check Craigslist every night, and finally two nights ago I found TWO possible pieces!

A Desk:

And a Dresser: 

The desk is $20, and the dresser is currently listed for $100 (though I'm pretty confident in my bargaining skills). The issues: I don't have a vehicle large enough (at least not large enough for the dresser), and both pieces are two hours north of me. 

For my non-blogger-readers, you might not understand why I'm crazy for campaign furniture. Allow me to bring you up to speed: 
Vanessa de Vargas via Lonny 

via Raleigh Craigslist (I'd be all of this if I was an NC girl)

SO, dear readers, should I take the plunge and buy one (or both)? Which one do you prefer, and do I have any takers on transportation??? When I eventually have to buy a car, I'm absolutely making sure it's big enough to haul all of my furniture finds! 




  1. Ahhhh you have to get them!! I actually contacted the people about that desk because I live in Raleigh but realized that I have no where to put it.

  2. You totally have to go! You been waiting for the longest time and now is your chance. And get both. Happy Friday! And I hope it all works out.

  3. I would get the Dresser! I've never been in need of a desk, and if I was I think I would want a much larger one than that one. The dresser would make a bigger statement if it were painted a bright color.

  4. Kelly, they are great! I am guessing 2 hours north of you is near me. Bob and my dad both have trucks with large beds. Please let your dear MIL know if you would like help with transportation. We'd be happy to help! I can always use an excuse to visit down in your neck of the woods and do some shopping! :)

  5. Home Depot rents trucks for like $25 for an 1.5 hours! Trust me, I know waaaaay too much about it :)

  6. I say go for both if you can. But I'm a bit biased because I, too, have been on the hunt for campaign furniture with no success. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you decide!

  7. Hooray! I'm so glad you finnally found one (or two I should say!) I was starting to feel bad everytime I looked at mine! If you love them both then you should get both! I always say the only purchases you regret are the ones you don't make!
    -Lindsey Turner


  8. You absolutely have to at least get that dresser! It looks like the perfect candidate for some fresh paint (love that green)!


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