Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garden Stools

I have a thing for garden stools, not quite an addiction or obsession, but more of a very strong liking. All of mine are from Home Goods, so I didn't pay more than $29.99 for any of them! 

I have one in our living room: 
(*Photo was taken before my Gallery Wall was complete)

One in the kitchen next to my little, painted chest: 

 In our Guest Bathroom:

 ..and in our half bath:

Eventually, I would like two of ZGallerie's Palmer Stool in White:
Did you know it comes in turquoise too???! 

I originally shared my ideas for our entryway in this post: 

In case you're not a fan of my garden stools check out these:
via Apartment Therapy

via Decorpad

My all-time favorite "garden stool image"
via Lonny

I would happily live in this bathroom. No, seriously, I would. 

Do you have any garden stools? If so, where have you found them?! 




  1. I only have one but I love it! I got mine at Home Sense.. I think that is Home Goods in the US. I think I need more!

  2. Lovvvvve all your garden stools! I have to confess, after reading Mary McDonald's INTERIORS book, I was 100% on the garden stool train. I'm thinking I might actually make it a life long collecting item, and find antique ones that all have a story. Then again, the silver one in your first photo is pretty fab...

  3. Love your stools and just love them in general...but i don't have any in my house...yet! (c: And yes, I would gladly live in that bathroom as well. For reals. (c:

  4. I don't know what I would do without Home Goods. My garden stool is from HG too!

  5. Love your garden stools! I may make a run to Home Goods today to see if I can find my own, they look gorg in your house!


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