Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Organization Domination: Wardrobe Editing

I spent the majority of Sunday organizing and editing my closets. We don't have any walk-in closets in our house, so I'm currently using three separate ones. As a result I oftentimes end up forgetting what I have. I've thought about turning the smallest bedroom into a huge closet with rolling racks and a large shoe rack. I'm still debating it, but in the mean time my closets all needed organized. Warning: our closets are all small and hard to photograph:

Before: (Yikes)


 Hello Boring Work Suits: 

As for the editing, over the last year I've been clearing out items that I haven't worn in six months or longer. I found a great consignment shop (thanks, Amira!) that pays the seller half of the selling price. In the process I've realized I tend to hang on to clothing for sentimental purposes (i.e. I have fond memories  and attach the outfit I wore to those memories). I've been trying to break myself of this habit, so every few months I go back through my closets and think hard about why I'm keeping an item. It's a rather process lucrative as well!! 

Headed for the consignment shop this week:

I've finally started narrowing down the items to my most favorite pieces and the ones I wear frequently. Do you edit your wardrobe on a regular basis? If so, do you have any tips? 

On a side note, does anyone know of any stylish rolling racks if I do turn the third spare bedroom into a huge closet (preferably stylish AND affordable). Right now we have three spare bedrooms, so I have the room to do it, but my concern is that when we eventually have children one room will become a nursery, so the third spare bedroom will actually be needed. 

Whenever I see images bedrooms-turned-closet it's hard to resist. Remember Lizzie Carney's?? 
via here 





  1. Have you seen Sara at Russet Street Reno's room turned closet? To die for. It's seriously gorgeous (and she has the same rug in there I have in my living room, so she has great taste!) :)

  2. Girrrrrl. If I had that many spare bedrooms I would've converted one of them into a closet, like, yesterday. You should totally do it!!!!

    I just did a quick search for garment racks and Container Store and Target both had lots of options. If you do this project I will seriously be so jeals!!!

  3. Since you know I'm a fan of organizing (and I'm on vaca today!) I just had to see your post! I too understand the sentimental pull of clothes but cleaning out the closet to make room for new ones is awesome! I grew up with a mini closet and no spare bedroom so I'd rotate my seasons up into the attic! Obviously, a walk-in closet was #1 on my list when building our home and my hubby still has to use the closet in our office for his suits!

    I recently purchased slim line hangers. You can find 'em at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc. They allow for more clothes and are very chic!

    Happy organizing! ;)

  4. I live in fear that I may one day be on an episode of Hoarders: Closet Edition. Seriously, I needed this motivation to do some editing - it's getting scary in there!!

  5. Ditto what Victoria said! Bedroom-turned-closet is my dream!

  6. I used the Stolemen Closet system from Ikea in our place (a rental) I figured it would be a breeze to remove since it's onlu attached to the ceiling via 3 screws per pole.



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