Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's in Your Bag Wednesday?! #2

Today I'm featuring Michelle's bag from Ten June! I absolutely love Michelle's blog; she and her husband have put a lot of sweat equity into their home (I can definitely relate), and I just love her home! I hope you enjoy this peek inside her handbag as well!

Hi friends!! I'm Michelle, from Ten June. I'm so excited to be over here at 1551 Transformed today! I just love Kelly and her fabulous style. Girl's got taste, right?!

Kelly asked me to share with all of you "What's In My Bag." So without further ado....
I'm a big fan of my little Longchamp bag. I've actually had this one for a couple of years and it has certainly treated me well. I always say it goes all "Mary Poppins" on me because it is deceptively small. I can fit a whole lot of junk in there. Maybe not coat racks or whatever Ms. P had in her bag, but definitely a lot! In fact, here it is, all spread out over my kitchen table. 

1- my adorable little mustard-colored mini wallet from Target [no it's not usually empty, just for the publicized photo shoot ;)].
2- my absolute favorite go-to makeup: Clinique City Base. Couldn't live without it.
3- mint gum. Always a must.
4- a mini lint roller. Between my two dogs and static electricity, this guy comes in handy!
5- Bath & Body Works Honeysuckle hand cream. This is my most favoritest (I know, I know, not a word) scent ever. And I just about cried when they discontinued the Honeysuckle home collection last year. I miss my Honeysuckle candles!
6- the coolest stocking stuffer I've ever received. Not only are these gloves adorable with that little ruffle on the bottom, but the fingertips are made out of some sort of synthetic material so that you can still use your touch screen electronics even with the gloves on! How amazing is that?! Love them.

 7- my life, my day planner! This little jewel is from the Franklin Covey series, so it is a fabulous organization tool that really helps me to keep up with my appointments, dates, hearings, to-do lists, etc. And it's pretty cute- burlap and sparkles? Sounds like me if I do say so myself!

8- bobby pins. When I get stressed, my hair goes back. So if I'm crunching on a big deal at work, those bobby pins are clutch to get me through the day!

9- my favorite winter nail color. Constantly using to touch up chips.

10- contact lens eye drops. 

11- my favorite pen- it's from Yoders Country Market right outside of Charlotesville, Virginia. One of my best friends is from that area and this cheap little pen reminds me of her and her amazing family in Charlottesville.

12- last, but not least, my iPhone. You know how it goes.... can't live without it! It's certainly the star of the show.

Sooooo that's what I've got in my bag! Thanks for having me Kelly!!

Thanks again for sharing, Michelle! I totally need these gloves! They would be great for me since I am in and out of my car constantly for work! 




  1. A not-so-glamorous peek into my purse :)

    Thanks for having me, Kelly! xo

  2. love the longchamp...and i have the EXACT yellow wallet thingie!!


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