Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just A Couple of Things...

It's been a long week up to this point, so I've been trying to find little projects to preoccupy me. I made a side table out of books that I initially wrote about here. 

I like it a lot, but I'm going to switch out and rearrange some of the books soon. They're just too heavy to keep messing with for an extended period of time! I might swap the lamp out for a different one too! 

I also laminated some photos and put them in a clam shell bowl on our coffee table: 
I've seen this done before, and when I recently saw Ashley Putman talking about the exact same thing on the Nate Berkus show I decided I HAD to do it! 
Image via Lonny 
*If you look closely, you can see the bowl of photos on the coffee table!

The family room is really starting to feel cozy! I've been playing around with the pillows and other accessories in the room. I'd still like to paint the brick wall and hang a few things , but it's coming along!!! 




  1. Good morning and once, AGAIN, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such a warm comfy cozy space! Love what you've done with it.

  3. I like your coffee table! Super cute! And I'm so glad you did the stacked book side table...looks great!

  4. Yes! I keep photos in a bowl too. I got it from Cote De Texas. People ALWAYS look through them even if they've looked through them before. My sister did this too!

    Love your clam shell.

  5. I agree with Sara...totally digging your new pillows! I like your coffee table too.

  6. Love seeing little things people do around their house, yours looks amazing! I love your stacked book side table!


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