Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday?! #4

Happy Wednesday! Today we're taking a look into Morgan's bag! Morgan writes the blog Attention to Detail. I love her style, and she seems to always be up to some type of project (like re-painting old furniture), which I love! 

Hello 1551 Transformed readers!  I’m so excited that Kelly asked me to participate in her “What’s in your bag, Wednesday” series.  Not because I have anything particularly special to share with you, but because I love Kelly and this blog.  So I hope you enjoy what I’m usually toting around in my bag!

I am almost always carrying this Kate Spade bag.  I love it because my attire is usually very structured and this slouchy bag adds the right amount of cool.  The fact that it is black AND brown was a huge selling point because it pretty much goes with everything.  And one of the best parts of this bag is the fact that you can throw it across your body using the long strap if you hands are full with groceries, shopping bags, etc.

1.     I always have lotion with me, especially during the harsh winter.  Dry hands drive me crazy!!!  My mom always has some with her, and every time she replenishes her stock, she makes sure I have some too!
2.     Clean Well antibiotic spray.  I’m not a germaphobe, but I don’t like to dine out without this stuff.  It is alcohol free, so it doesn’t dry out your hands and I love the vanilla-orange scent (very subtle).  You can get it in a non-scented variety as well and I highly recommend it.
3.     DCT aka Daily Condition Treatment.  I basically just need some type of chapstick to keep my lips from cracking in these frigid temps. 
4.     Dark pink lip gloss for nighttime.  This Sephora brand color (no name on the tube!) goes on well and stays on fairly well.
5.     Light pink lip gloss for daytime.  This one is Stila “grapefruit”.  It was a collaboration between the company and J.Crew this past fall.  It is gorgeous on and stays put!

6.     Fur cuff mittens.  These are the WARMEST mittens I have.  They are again necessary in these single digit temps!  My mom buys me a new pair of these each year – her friend & colleague making them using sweaters for the wool and silk lined fur for the cuffs!
7.     My iPhone.  I’d love to say I am not addicted to this thing, but I am.  I’m hoping they come out with the iPhone5 this summer because I’m WAY overdue for a new version!
8.     Sunnies.  These are a pair of Versaces that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday a few years ago.  They are black and ivory, a very classic combination.  I think I’ll have them forever.

9.      House keys.  We live in a condo building so there are different keys for different doors, which gets a little annoying.
 10.  And to top the keys off, a separate key chain for the car key!  My boyfriend and I share a car, so we keep this key separate.  He is actually in the doghouse right now for breaking the keyless entry fob, which would have been included here too.  That little thing is really a luxury. 
11.  My wallet.  Yes, that is right, it is tiny.  It only holds my credit cards, ID and a little bit of cash. I think it is really a cigarette case (I found it at a vintage shop in San Francisco, right before I moved away).  Sometimes I think I should find something that can carry coins as well, but when I carry a clutch or nighttime bag, I’m always happy I have this baby!
12.  Last but not least, a Baggu!  If you aren’t familiar with Baggu, it is a large nylon bag that folds up into this little square.  My mom gave it to me so I would never need to get another paper or plastic bag (I hate wasting those and NEVER find a use for them).  I have used it so much I am very grateful for this thoughtful gift!

So thanks again to Kelly for inviting me to participate in this series!  

Happy Wednesday to you all!  Morgan


  1. This is such a fun series! I love seeing what people "need" of a day to day basis!

  2. I love these posts! It's so fun to see what others carry around in their bags!

  3. Great post, Morgan!! And the Baggu your mom got you is really cute.

  4. I'm loving this series...for some reason it is just so fascinating to look in other people's bags! I wish one little baggu would do the trick...I would have to carry like 20 of them...(c:

  5. Love Baggu's... I haven't gotten one yet, but I'm on the verge!


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