Thursday, February 17, 2011

Table Setting of the Week

It's no secret that I love to set tables. While I wish I could tell you that my life is full of important tasks, and I don't have time to set fictitious tables, that is simply not the case. 

I decided to play "dress up" with our kitchen table last night. Here's the result:

The crooked taper candle is killing me. UGH. 

No guarantees that I will be able to pull off a table setting once a week EVERY week, but I'll do my best IF you, dear readers, like the idea. Thoughts??? 

For anyone interested in the "ingredients" for this tablescape:
-Dinner Plates: TJ Maxx
-Salad Plates: Anthropologie
-Napkins: Wal-Mart
-Napkin Rings: West Elm
-Taper Candles and Holder: Wal-Mart
-Flowers: Wal-Mart (50% off after V-Day)
-Water Glasses: Pottery Barn
-Wine Glasses: Pier 1
-Votive Candles: Pottery Barn
-Mother of Pearl Flatware: Pottery Barn

So what are your thoughts on this series??? *Keep in mind, I only have so many different plates, etc., so I can't do it long term anyways!!! :) 




  1. I love it! You made your table look so beautiful without being too matchy matchy!!

  2. Shut the front door! Those fab placemats are from Wally World?!? I love the ecclectic vibe and I'm just giggling about the tapered candle comment! Don't worry, if it was my table, it would bug me, too! (c: Gorgeous table and I hope you do keep up the tablescape posts, that would be so much fun! (for me, 'cause I don't have to do it...)

  3. Love the idea! I am truly jealous of your gold flatware and of your madewell scarf

  4. I am SO going to walmart!!!! Love the idea...crazy for your anthro plates!!!

  5. Ooh I love the idea! Keep 'em coming. Perhaps when you run out of materials you could hit up Goodwill - I'm sure you could come up with something fab for next to nothing!

  6. OK I am DEF. going to need some faux bamboo flatware. I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours!! Following!

  7. I love those versatile.
    Following you.
    Mary Ann


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