Monday, March 28, 2011

Chic and CHEAP

Last week I popped in Wal-Mart for a few odds and ends. I know, I know, most people are not fond of Wal-Mart for home items. I have had a little luck there over the last few months though. Remember the placemats??  I'm loving their Better Homes and Gardens line- at least for candle holders! 

If you've ever seen my "Table Setting of the week" posts, then you've most likely seen these candle holders. They're available in three sizes: 

Other items of interest: 

Their HomeTrends line has a few fun pieces as well: 

Each of these pillows is $5. Yes, you read correctly. $5. 

Katie Brown's line at Meijer has a few great pieces as well: 

I might have to pick these up at some point.... for "work" purposes (i.e. Table Setting of the Week). 

So, what do you think?! Have you found any chic and cheap finds recently??

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  1. "Work" purposes?? Really??? VERY INTERESTING!!!

  2. No idea they had such great stuff! Good to know

  3. I saw a really cute blue pillow at walmart the other day. I also love their candles. Such great colors and sizes.

  4. I love that shower curtain. What a fun color. Thanks for sharing your finds!

  5. Ohh I am in need of a shower curtain and some tablescape items for an Easter brunch I am hosting and some of these would be perfect for both. I would have never though WMart. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Monday!

  6. That first pillow looks like a 50 dollar pillow, at least. I absolutely love it. For five dollars, I'll take...two.

  7. I got swing arm floor lamps from Wal-Mart for my living room that look like Restoration Hardware's Fluted Column floor lamps. I replaced the shades that came with them with drum shades (also from Wal-Mart) for $55 per lamp.

  8. Wow! Awesome finds...and at Wal-Mart of all places! Love them!


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