Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Moorish Rug Has Arrived!

Today's post is short and sweet! Remember the rug that I ordered a few weeks ago??? Well, it arrived on my doorstep yesterday! I'm very happy with it! I'm especially happy with the fact that it's reversible, so if Luca decides to "go potty outside" on my Moorish rug, I can flip it over (after I clean it, of course). 

The rug is available in many sizes and colors! I would love to have ordered a huge one, but I have no need for an area-sized rug right now. Christopher is fine with me collecting felt-tip pens, but I have a feeling he wouldn't approve of me collecting area rugs...


  1. It looks great! I love how it comes in so many different colors!

  2. Ohh great find. I am in need of area rugs and runners for my new place and these look like great options!
    ~ Julie

  3. Love the rug and love the color of the walls even more!!! It really makes the trim and doors pop!

  4. It looks so great! I wish the shipped to canada! :(

  5. Love the rug, especially in your hallway!! Hope you're doing well, love! xo


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