Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday #9

Happy Wednesday! Today we have Abby, a talented decorator from the Midwest, joining us!! Abby's blog is full of great answers to design-related problems, fun diy projects (she just painted a pillow!), and they're in the process of hopefully buying a home! 

Hi friends!  I'm Abby from a delightful design.  I'm just tickled to be on Kelly's fantastic blog.  There are some people you just know you'll like in blog land, and Kelly is one of those people!
Let's talk bags!  Or should I say diaper bag!
I loooove it.  It's pretty, unique, wipable inside and out, and made by Dwell Studio.  It's their Charlotte Tote and was given to me as a very generous gift.
I love my Kate Spade wallet.  I've had it for a few years now and it still makes me happy every time I drag it out of my bag.
I keep these make-up pieces at hand because the stick is good for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.  Plus, you never know when you'll need to curl those lashes. ;-)
I have a super small Bible for those moments when I'm waiting in the carpool line.  As a mom of two boys, I never know when I'll have a chance to read so it comes in handy.  
If you're  a mom you may have the usual suspects in your bag as well!  A diaper for my one year old and crayons for my oldest.  Sunscreen is a best friend!  That one is for all of us.
These are my oh-so-glamorous Target sunglasses.  It's important for my shades to be on the cheap because if I don't lose them one of my boys will break them.  
I keep my fan deck in my bag.  If it's not in my bag it's in my car.  I never know when I'll need to pull a color and don't want to be unprepared.
Finally, my calling cards.  I liked the designer and quality of the cards so much that I just ordered new ones!!
Thanks so much for spending time with me and my bag today!  
What a fun series Kelly has started!

Thanks so much, Abby, for sharing! I love your diaper bag, wallet, and the diversity of the contents inside (carrying a mini Bible is such a great idea)! I always thought I carried a LOT in my bag, but I think you have me beat! *How great are those calling cards?? Also, I'm really tempted to start carrying crayons in my bag; I get cranky when I'm bored, and I do love to color..... :) 

***Oh, and be sure to stop by Rose Bredl later this morning; I'm sharing some photos of my "creative space"! Remember when I interviewed Mary from Rose Bredl!!?? 


  1. Thanks for such a wonderful introduction!

    I realized I forgot to show you my keys! It's on a leopard key fab from Etsy and I love putting it around my wrist while I'm carrying the baby or the groceries.

    Off to post and link to you!

  2. OMG where did you get those business cards? I would love to know.

  3. Jessi- here is a link to the store!

  4. Your bag and wallet are so cute Abby! And I do love your business cards...might have to get some of my own :)

  5. So fun...right down to those adorable cards!

  6. Brittany- you should get some! The paper feels like cotton! Tell her I sent you! :-)

  7. I just love Abby and I can relate to every item in her bag- I never leave the house without diapers and crayons...and a few trains;)

  8. I love your weekly posts and look forward to them everytime. I am going to start a treasures Thursday...

  9. Thanks! I added them to my cart for the future. I love the print and texture.

  10. Great idea for a series! Abby did a great job! I love that you carry a color fan deck- me too! It's so true that you never know when you need it! :)

  11. I love the diaper bag and those calling cards are beautiful!


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