Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy Lighting Update!

I was looking for lighting options over the weekend, and I came across this idea via Country Living: 
via here

Of course, I could simply paint the candle sleeves to look like the photo above, but once I visited the Kaarskoker website, I had other ideas in mind: 

These are just a few of the MANY options kaarskoker has to offer! Most of the sleeves are $12 a pair (a lot of them are currently on sale for $9 a pair).  I've been wanting to take the brass chandelier that I painted white along with us to Indianapolis; if I do, I'm absolutely buying some fun sleeves for it! 

Have a happy Monday!!! 


  1. Those sleeves are so cool & inexpensive! I love it and have to try it!

  2. I love those -- but wasn't willing to pay that much so I made my own with scrapbook paper! A year later they still look great! I'll be switching them out soon, and it will cost about $1!

    have a great week!

  3. Kelly,
    Make sure to take down ANY fixtures you want to take with you, before you put your house on the market. You might be amazed by what people want. Even though I had emphasized some exclusions in our house, our realtor failed to protect them and I ended up having to leave several fixtures that I had wanted. They got "lost" in the contract because we had seven back and forth counter offers. Congrats on the new job!!!!

    Amy (Beverick)

  4. Love the light. I wish I would have kept old fixtures to do that in Anna's room!!

  5. Great advice Amy and what a simple way to add a pop of color!

    Thanks for sharing Kelly!

  6. Such a fun way of updating a fixture!!

  7. Love the patterned candles...great ideas, whether you buy it or DIY!

  8. Now there's something I've never seen before. Love that!

  9. Such a cute idea! It would easily spruce up any fixture. And Natasha is right- you could buy those or go DIY really easily (like Cassie!). Love it.

    Also, LOOOVE those books you found on Ebay. Like, I think I need that giraffe-y one. Tres expensive??


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