Friday, April 15, 2011

I Married Adventure (Not Literally)

Good morning, design friends and fanatics. I'm sure quite a few of you understand the name of my title, but I have a good understanding on the demographics of my readers, so I know I also have quite a few readers who don't. *The marketer in me is coming out, I know! 

SO- for those who aren't quite following, Christopher is a very entertaining husband, but this post has nothing to do with him or our marriage!!! I'm actually referring to a book by Osa Johnson, written in 1940: 

So for readers that haven't seen this book before, keep your eyes peeled when you're near a shelter magazine; you're sure to see it sooner or later (sooner most likely). Naturally, designers are drawn to this book for it's gorgeous cover! 

via here

Eddie Ross via Lonny 

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via here 

Again, for those readers who want to know where to find a copy: EBAY! At any given time there's at least a handful of auctions. Be patient, and you'll find a good deal - supply and demand, you know? *Now the economist in me is coming out. I think that just leaves the art historian, which reminds me of a valid point: Make sure you're paying attention to the cover art. It changed later down the line, and books published later on have an UGLY cover!!! To be clear, it's a great read, too! Johnson chronicles her adventures while traveling and exploring areas like Asia and Africa. Pretty cool gig, right? Osa (and Martin) have a museum in Kansas (where they're from) dedicated to them. 

Here's my book (again, purchased off ebay): 

Lastly, I'm still scouring ebay for Johsnon's other book, Four Years in Paradise. It's even harder to find, but the cover is just as (if not more) beautiful!!! 

I hope I've provided a basic overview of Johnson's books and why I love them (without boring design folks to death). If you're like I am, you never tire of seeing either of these books!! 


  1. Wow you have an eye to be able to pick that out of glancing at decor mags... I'm going to have to check it out now for the cover alone!
    Happy Weekend Kelly!

  2. Wow! Look how versatile that book is...and to have found it in so many places! Super cool!


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