Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hobnail Pitcher

Remember Victoria's apartment from the Feb./March 2010 Lonny?  I LOVE looking through old Lonny's; I always notice something new! While browsing through, I fell in love with Victoria's glass hobnail pitcher! I love how she uses it as a utensil canister!

I found one for sale online (it's a bit pricey, though). 
via here

As for me, I'll be searching ebay for the perfect hobnail pitcher! Both of my grandmother's had hobnail pieces (I'm pretty sure you're not really a grandma if you don't own some hobnail);  theirs was of the white variety though. Do you own any hobnail pieces?? 


  1. THIS explains WHY I am NOT a grandma, YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love hobnob. I collect milk glass and my favorite pieces are hobnobbed. I've found all of my stuff at thrift or antique shops. I guess the grandma's are tired of it :)

  3. Right after I read your post I cam across this:

  4. Uh oh you've given me a new thing to obsess over.

  5. I love it too! Classy and sophisticated!


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