Friday, April 8, 2011

The Most Stylish Work Accessory I've Ever Seen

It's Friday!! I need to pause for a moment and let you all know how proud I am of myself that I survived my first official week of my new job and managed to have a blog post everyday (did I mention I've been out of town all week to complicate matters)! I've learned a TON this week, and I've determined the most important (at least to all of you) is the work accessory that everyone seems to be carrying around in my office. 

Look through these photos and then take one guess as to why I'm completely and totally obsessed (as in it's difficult for me to focus in meetings when someone has one):

Ok, if you don't read my blog usually, I'll break it down for you: TORTOISE SHELL!!! Plus, I can customize my LEVENGER notebook with different kinds of pages, folders, sheet protectors, and remove sheets or add them back in whenever I want. The "disks" (or binding for the notebook), as well as the notebook cover, are also customizable.  I also am completely aligned to Levenger's ideals: keeping the art of handwriting alive in a world that has become extremely digitally/electronically focused. 
What do you think? They're not cheap, but I'm going to do some investigating and figure out how to get one of these babies ASAP!!! 


  1. I was browsing The Craigslist and came across this overpriced beauty and thought of you.

    Roadtrip to NC?

  2. Ohhh I want. Long meetings would definitely be more bearable. Happy Friday and congrats on surviving your first week Kelly!

  3. Oh wow! Never seen anything like that! Love it!

    p.s. I'm hosting a $100 e-spree giveaway in case you're interested!


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