Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Martha...

Happy Monday!!! I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! I spent Saturday picking out a vanity, countertop, and tile for our master bath. It currently has pink carpet, so it needs updated before we can sell our home. Initially Christopher and I were saving money with hopes of removing the bathtub and adding LOTS of marble and glossy, white subway tiles. Now that we're selling our home that doesn't make much sense. 

While picking out the vanity, I fell in love with Martha Stewart's line at Home Depot. I chose to buy one of her vanities for our bathroom in a beautiful gray color. 

This is the style of cabinet I chose (i.e. least expensive option); I picked the Ocean Floor color!! It is beautiful in person! I think I would have picked it even if we'd stayed!! More pictures to come over the next few weeks once we get to work! 


  1. Love the clean lines of the style you chose! Love the color, too. Looking forward to seeing the outcome!

  2. Oh I bet the gray is very pretty! Love all her traditional and classic!

  3. Must be kind of painful re-designing spaces you might not get to enjoy for much longer...but all I can say is, your future home owners are extremely lucky that you're the one making these choices! :) Gorgeous picks.


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