Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's In Your Bag Wednesday #14

Good morning, everyone! Last week we were joined by Kelli from Bud & Leo; today we're joined by Bud & Leo's other half, Lisa. ENJOY!

Hi everyone, it’s Lisa, the other half of Bud & Leo!  I’m so excited that Kelly asked us to participate in this series.  I love this series because you get to see what’s in people’s handbags without being nosey… or at least being nosey behind your computer screen!  This handbag is my favorite go-to summer clutch.  I LOVE IT!  My sister in law gave it to me for Christmas so that makes it even better.  I love the intricate detail and the wood handles.  It adds a bright, fun touch to every look I wear it with!

And, surprisingly, it holds so much stuff!   I truly carry around a million things.  My mom is historically called ‘Mary Poppins’ because she literally carries 10lbs of items in her handbag and I think I may be closely following in her footsteps.
The goods:
1) My wallet - My dog chewed it twice when he was a puppy, so it has some bumps & bruises.
2) Makeup - Yes, I carry too much but it is what it is!  Lip-gloss, chapstick, eyeliner, concealer & Visine.
3) My camera - I don’t want to miss out on any Kodak moments! (Obviously not pictured)
4) Pen & Pad - I’m forever a list maker.  My hubby jokes that I make lists for my lists.  
5) Food Bar - I get hungry every hour, so I HAVE to have food with me!  This Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar tastes like a brownie and is all natural, vegan, uncooked, soy-free and organic.  I live off of these bars- so delish & good for you!
It was a pleasure guest posting today!  Thanks again, Kelly for having Bud & Leo!  Happy Wednesday everyone! Xo Lisa

Thanks for sharing, Lisa! I'm shocked (and impressed) at how much you can fit in your clutch! I can absolutely relate to list-making; I so enjoy a good notebook to house my many lists.


  1. I just realized I forgot to list my iPhone- the root of my current existence! And, shockingly all of those items fit in my clutch incl. my camera. :) Thanks so much for having us, Kelly!

  2. Very nice clutch! love the wallet.

  3. I love Bud and Leo - it's nice to see them featured here! Good job on fitting so much in your bag!


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