Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BIA Parade of Homes

Over the weekend Mr. Frankel and I visited the BIA Parade of homes. Some of you might remember my post from last year's parade as well. I think I had 4.5 followers then, so it's worth going back and looking if you're not one of the 4.5 (*I say 4.5 because my dad made up fake accounts to help it look like I had more followers at first.... he tries to be supportive). 

The parade features thirteen homes this year. I'm featuring home #1 today. It's my favorite BY FAR. I took A LOT of pictures of this one. 

Architect: New England Homes
Interior Design: Stephanie Derr-Briggs
Landscape Design: Bryan Wade

Love the glass!! 

Hello, dream bathroom!!! 

I think they staged this closet for me (my wardrobe is 90% J. Crew).  Oops.

Just one more photo of the vanities... 

I think I'd like to get a closer look at that shower.... 

This is why I hate being in pictures by myself. I look like a turd. 

It's not like I'm in love with wingback chairs or anything. 

I LOVE lamp. 

Not crazy about the backsplash. Thank goodness :) Now I don't have to dream about this kitchen all the time. 

This is an excellent decor idea: put all your trophies on the island. I'll have to get to work on this. :) 

Dear marble, I love you. 

I think Christopher's calculating how much our mortgage payments would be if we purchased a home like this. The answer? Way too freaking much for us right now!! :) 

I might post a few highlights from the other homes later this week. Do you have a parade of homes in your area? I'm hoping Indianapolis does!! 


  1. PS- Kelly, It is SO not a crime that you have a JCC (jcrew closet)!

  2. Pretty house! But I must say, my fave part of this post was learning that your dad created lots of different profiles to support your blog. That is beyond adorable.

  3. Wow it is absolutely gorgeous. And your dad is amazing, I love it!

  4. I was doing a search for Parade of Homes pics and came across your blog... great pics! The New England home was far and away our favorite also. Have you seen these?


  5. I saw your photo of the "Detour" sign on Pinterest and recognized it as the backsplash in the New England Homes house in 2011. Reading your post here and seeing your comment about the backsplash is funny! I worked in that house for two weeks and I do not remember the backyard at all.

    New England Homes has two entries in the 2013 BIA Parade of Homes at Jerome Village.


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