Monday, June 13, 2011

Istanbul recap

Happy Monday! I'm caught up on sleep and back to "normal". I uploaded all of my Istanbul photos over the weekend and am sharing the highlights. I didn't have any photos taken with me in them. Stupid.

I know I already shared images of the W where I stayed, but the shower (especially the shower head- not photographed) was SO nice. Notice the Bliss products in the shower. I hoarded them.... 

 Crystals in the elevator. Oh, and I forgot to photograph them, but the hotel also had lucite handrails on the stairs. LOVED them!!! 

Gorgeous venetian mirror:

 The photo below is nothing special, but my boss and I decided to walk to a "nearby" neighborhood, Taksim. "Nearby" ended up being a 30 minute, mainly uphill, hike. **I exaggerate quite often, but this is NO exaggeration. SO, when we finally made it to freaking Taksim, I decided a photo was absolutely necessary. 

 About to cross the Bosphorous strait. As far as I know, Istanbul is the only city that spans two continents, so because I crossed the bridge I can technically say I've been to Asia. :) 

 I loved seeing really old mosques next to modern structures. This contrast seemed to be a general theme throughout the city. 

 Blue Mosque:

 SO clean inside!! 

 Topkapi Palace: 

I'm really regretting not buying anything and not having any photos taken with me in them. My kids are going to think I just stole these photos off google. Oh well, I think I'm actually going to Asia in August (not just technically crossing a bridge into it), so I'll be sure to not make the same mistakes!!!


  1. These pictures are great, even if you're not in them. I always end up coming home to find that I took a bajillion pictures of food and interiors, but few of the actual people on the trip. I love the ceiling details and the cisterns, although eery are beautiful.

  2. Oh Kelly, I absolutely love all these pictures! The mosques are so beautiful (and it looks like the weather wasn't bad either!). How awesome that your work allows you to visit a place like Istanbul. Thanks for sharing these!!!

  3. These pictures are gorgeous!! Turkey is definitely on my list of places to go. I'm trying to convince my friend to get married there so I have an excuse to go :)


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