Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fit for a king

With our move to Indianapolis approaching in the next few months, I've started "editing" our home (i.e. selling, donating, and throwing out LOTS of stuff). I like the idea of starting fresh in a "new" (to us) home with only our favorite things. 

One item I would love to replace is our bed. It's a queen. Neither of us are particularly large people, but I've been told my whole life that I sleep violently- like someone is trying to kill me. I used to fall out of bed a lot growing up, and I have kicked and hit Christopher in my sleep too many times to count. Poor thing. A king size bed wouldn't completely fix the issue (I'll still be a freak of course), but it will certainly help! 

Did I mention our mattress is crappy with a capital C??? I've flipped it and flopped it and I kid you not after a few nights you can see the imprints of our bodies sunken into it. SO UNCOMFORTABLE. 

I think I actually have a tiny chance of convincing Christopher this is a good purchase. He is, afterall, afraid for his safety when sleeping next to me. 

In a perfect world (one where a money tree grows plentifully in our backyard) these are my top picks: 

The Ingrid from Oly Studio via Layla Grace 

Bunny Williams used it. Featured in Lonny

Octavia headboard from Serena and Lilly. This one is customizable. Customization is a beautiful thing I tell you! 

Filmore headboard. Also from Serena and Lilly. Customization Domination. 

Sutton bed from WS Home. Neutral. Classy. Comfy. 

Keep your fingers crossed, friends. 


  1. The second headboard is the best! I love the simple details. Its perfect... and fit for a Queen!

  2. I love those! I love the first one but the nailhead trim really makes them!


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