Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House Hunting: Option 5

I'm definitely excited to see this house in person (hopefully in two weeks when I'm back in Indianapolis). The pictures are pretty crappy, but the home is still all sorts of lovely!

I think I'd end up just living outside.  The space needs some twinkly lights (see below), and it's ready to go!

via here 

Kitchen isn't awful. Bright shining star: the SUB ZERO refrigerator. 

At first I was all excited thinking it had a glass door, but I'm pretty sure it's just black. 

I'd spend a lot of time in this room. I LOVE the paneled ceiling. 

Now if they'd just drop the home 25k so it was more within our price range (and we sold our not-even-listed-yet-home) we'd be all set!!!! 


  1. It's beautiful!!!! I love the paneled ceiling too and the staircase is gorg!

  2. That house is so lovely!!! I love the outdoor living space -- just beautiful!! The paneled ceiling in that room is amazing as well. =)

  3. Super intriguing! Lots to love in these spaces! :)


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