Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's in your bag Wednesday

Today's bag post is a little different from other weeks. As a market researcher I've recently become curious about WHY women carry certain items in their bags and WHAT that means. I've always loved seeing what other women have in their bag- partly because I'm nosey. It does seem though, that the contents of a woman's bag are an extension of the owner. The mommy bloggers that I've featured carry little trucks (or dolls), snacks, and other "mom things". The designers carry their measuring tape and paint decks.  The athletic girls carry their ipads, gym cards, and maybe deodorant. 

It almost seems like a woman's handbag (and its contents) are a source of protection, an arsenal of "essential" items, a home away from home. I also find it interesting that some woman carry HUGE bags (i.e. me) and others get by with itty-bitty ones. To me this seems like a fascinating topic for a market research study. Turns out I'm not the only one. This article discusses (more eloquently) some of the questions I've recently started asking.  

Am I boring you, dear bloggers? Wondering where your pretty Wednesday bag is??? Well, just for today, instead of featuring another blogger's bag, I found Jenna Lyon's (J.Crew rock star): 

via here 

If you click on the picture after going to the original link it takes you here

When did J.Crew start featuring women and their handbags???? AND why did they not ask me when I was an associate?? Missed opportunity if you ask me... :) 


  1. I love seeing what people have in their bags. I do this with my girlfriends all the time. ITs funny to see what people keep close to them. I have about 15 chapsticks and toilet seat covers...

  2. Jenna Lyon is one of the stylish woman!
    Adore her style*

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