Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitchen Ideas

Here's what we're working with in our new kitchen.  Christopher and I would both rather have lighter cabinets (white, or maybe a light puddy/grey color), but I'm hesitant to do it myself and screw it up.  Even if we don't paint the cabinets we do plan to make a few other changes: 
The blue lights will be updated. See one of the options I'm considering below. 

New hardware.

A backsplash! On this specific wall we are considering taking the backsplash to the ceiling. Drama!!! 

I fell in love with this tile after seeing it in Michelle's kitchen. It's definitely a contender! 

I'm planning to put this rug (my birthday present) in the kitchen as well. 

Kitchen Ideas


  1. That rug is *beautiful* plus it's practical in its stain/dirt hiding abilities.

    { rad: renovations are dirty }

  2. Love all the bits ! And that rug is gorgeous. I love the idea of doing the cabinets in a puddy color !


  3. I love the cabinet hardware and lights that you are thinking of. Gorgeous!

  4. I don't think getting cabinets professionally painted/resurfaced is too expensive. Totally worth it to have done correctly. I think puddy is a great color!


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