Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What would you do??

We have our home inspection today for our new home. I'll be there to supervise take measurements for furniture and gather ideas.  The sellers contacted us yesterday to see if we were interested in buying their settee:

I actually liked it quite a bit when I saw it during the showing. I'm thinking it would work well in our office or even in the family room. What do you think???? I plan to investigate further later this morning, but I'd love to get your thoughts as well! 


  1. I think you could make this look adorable with updated pillows with your furniture! Definitely a fun piece!

  2. Yeah! I think it's a great piece. If it's not too pricey, why not? : )

  3. I love it! It would work for any room. If it is a good deal, I wouldn't pass it up.

  4. I think it looks fab; great as long as the price is right!


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