Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Please excuse my absence....

Have a look at this pretty picture. I have no reason for showing it except that I like it. 

I'm having a Jessie Spano type of week (never any time).... 

I leave EARLY Saturday morning for a week in Asia, and I need to pack for the trip, organize for the packers/movers to come and pack up our home while I'm gone, take Luca to my parents so that she has a place to stay. My to-do list seems endless right now, so please excuse my absence!! 


  1. Good luck with all the craziness and can't wait to see pictures of the new place when it starts to come together!

  2. Love the diamond lawn! Super fun. Have a glass of wine tonight!!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  3. Thought you would appreciate this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/54407320/saved-by-the-bell-cross-stitch

    Good luck with everything!! :)


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