Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shopping for daybeds

One of the spare bedrooms in our new home is rather tiny. At first, we were going to use it as an office, but we decided that's a poor use of the space, so we're moving our office furniture to the basement. Eventually, this spare bedroom will be a nursery, so we want to choose the furniture wisely now (i.e. no bulky beds that we won't have room for later). Christopher and I both like of having the idea of a daybed in this particular bedroom. *Correction: I like the idea; he doesn't care either way. :) 

I've been searching for different options, and I have a few realistic ones, but of course I'd rather show you the in-my-dreams option I found on 1st Dibs: 

Rosewood CAMPAIGN daybeds (set of 2). I WANT. I've been trying to think of some way I could justify this purchase. Aside from selling a bunch of stuff (like maybe one of my organs) I'm pretty sure there's no way I'll be bringing either of these pretties into our home. Back to the internet search. Does anyone have any reasonable options for daybeds they'd like to suggest??? 


  1. I don't know of other resources but I wonder if you could work with a carpenter to create something similar? It doesn't look too complex (simple wood frame with drawers underneath), and then you could select your own hardware and finish. Of course, I have NO IDEA how much something like that would cost, but it's gotta be less than $5200. Don't you think???

  2. I love the day beds at West Elm. Overstock and JC Penny (random) also sell them. That one is beautiful!

  3. I bought one from Ballard Design and it was great! You can choose your fabric. I think you can even send then your own fabric (I could be wrong). Well made though and decently priced.

  4. Kelly, the guys who have done stuff for us I imagine would be able to create this for the two of you. Let me know if you want me to inquire!

  5. A campaign daybed! Does it get much better?!


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