Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Snippets and the Living Room

Happy Monday! This week's going to be a long one; it's the first five-day work week I've had for a few weeks.... oh well. 

At least I had a great weekend with Christopher's family. They were in town to celebrate his 31st birthday. While they were visiting I took advantage of my father-in-law's excellent handyman skills...

And because my Pier 1 mirrors are finally hung and my Wisteria coffee table is here I thought I'd show you how the living room is progressing... 

I think I'm finally figuring out why decor magazines always have dogs in the photos. It's because the little stinkers are drawn to cameras like magnets. 

Someday I'd like to have a bright, colorful painting on our mantel! *Notice Miss Luca... moving to be in the photo!

The blank space between the chair and the chaise is where we plan to put our new purchase from Restoration Hardware, which means we will have two (totally different) chaises in our living room. SO, eventually we'll move the one above to our bedroom or one of our spare bedrooms and replace it with a new sofa. 

Here is the sofa I'd like to replace the chaise with: 
via here


  1. Looks great. Love the sofa you picked-it would look amazing in your room and I am in love with your wisteria table !!


  2. It looks amazing! What kind of tree is that in the corner of the room? I love it!

    Also, cutest dog ever. :)

  3. Kelly! Your new home is absolutely gorgeous. So charming. The new coffee table is fantastic, too!


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