Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just be honest....

So I've been toying with the idea of adding extra seating to our family room area. The only problem is that there is no room for seating that takes up much space. See Exhibit A below: 

Given our lack of space I started looking for floor pillows on etsy and other sources. Then, over the weekend when Christopher's family was in town visiting, Christopher's mother suggested floor pillows. Bingo. If two women are on the same line of thinking it's usually a good idea, right? 

Yes, I watch Seinfeld every night. "Newman!" And yes, Luca pushes all of her chewies into a pile so that I trip over them and smash my face on the floor on a regular basis; I think if she could talk she would tell me it's a game she calls "trip the loser". 

In the last few weeks I've considered many options, some of which are shown below. 

I wasn't crazy about many options, and some of them are VERY expensive. Then, last night I found these on clearance on HSN by Jonathan Adler: 

SO, here's where I need you to JUST BE HONEST: do you like these floor pillows? OH, and by floor pillows I mean DOGGIE beds. I would order 2-3- that way Luca and I can nap together. Is this weird?? More importantly, do I really care if it is??? Hmmm....



  1. I LOVE everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XO,

  2. Like the floor pillow idea but expand your mind....BEAN BAGS!!! Go BIG or go home! Just being honest. P.S. Love the TV.

  3. Is this to expensive $49.99 x bench. You can change the fabric to something you like.


  4. ooh i love the Jonathan Adler one. and i also love the bright orange one. they are amazing and would look great in your awesome place!

    i am so happy i just found your blog. im following :) x

  5. They are beautiful and fun and would add some pops of color to your living room. Have you considered poufs? They'd allow guests to be a little bit more off the floor. Although the idea of dog beds as people seating is not uncommon in our household.


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