Thursday, October 20, 2011

WHY didn't I think of this.....

I've been married for a little over two years now, and if I had to describe our wedding day (and the summer months leading up to it)
in one word, I think "magical" would pretty much sum it up.  

We planned our wedding in about six months- pretty quick by today's standards; we both just really wanted to get married. While I don't regret the decisions we made while planning our wedding, there are certain things I would do differently now (don't even get me started on the photographer...). 

Enter: the most amazing dress I've ever seen. 

WHY did I not think of this?!? 

*Gorgeous photos courtesy of Amelia Lyon. 

Beautiful dress, right?!? And now you're wanting to know who is responsible for such an amazing creation, aren't you (except for maybe my dad... he's probably half-heartedly reading this and wishing I was blogging about Siri and the i-phone 4s instead)???   This pretty little number was custom-made by Melissa Blackburn. Oh, Melissa, I am so sad I didn't drive to Utah and beg you to make a very similar dress for me.... 

Some of Melissa's photos showing the dress in progress: 

*They used JCrew necklaces to embellish the dress. FYI, I have the bottom necklace and wore it to work yesterday. It must be a sign..... that I'm a complete nincompoop.

One more thing. The wedding party. Could they be anymore JCrew/Fabulous???

Are they wearing sequin skirts and cardigans?!  I can't take anymore of this. Impeccable style overload. 

That's it... I'm off to ask Christopher if we can renew our vows. Joking, Christopher! We don't have to renew our vows, but I sure would have fun playing dress up in that dress....


  1. Love the dress and the sequin skirts and sweaters is just brilliant!! Don't you know the bridesmaids were thrilled??!!

  2. I just sent this to my friend who is getting married next year. She works at J Crew so I know she would love that neckline!

  3. WOW! This is the most gorgeous dress and fits her flawlessly!

  4. Oh Lordy, would I have done things differently too. Now that dress is magical as well.


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