Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My new favorite etsy shop- and a discount!!!

Well, I've done it again.... fallen in love with another etsy shop- a JEWELRY etsy shop at that. Shocking. Remember my pen problem? Well, I have a very similar necklace problem. 

Anywho- I stumbled onto a new (to me) etsy site the other night, and I am in love! Check out these lovely creations by ValleyLinds:

I sent Lindsay (aka Miss Havisham) a message letting her know how much I loved her creations, and she provided me with a little insight on her work. She'd always been a big fan of costume jewelry (um... definitely can relate to that) and realized that she wasn't making the most of all the brooches she'd collected over the years (yes, I'm with her on that one as well). Here are just a few that I have sitting around... collecting dust: 

Lindsay started seeing similar necklaces and knew that she could make similar ones, but with a more personal, "kind of cheeky" vibe that could be worn with a cocktail dress or your everyday cashmere. *Those were her words, but again, something with which I absolutely agree! 

She can also do personal, custom pieces. I believe I need to ship her one of my crystal brooches ASAP. 

**Want to read the BEST part of this post? Do you? Well, Lindsay was gracious enough to offer a 10% discount to Classically Eclectic readers throughout October and November, so be sure to check out her site and mention my blog when you make a purchase! 

Alright, ladies (and gents), I'm dismissing you. Go now to Lindsay's shop and stimulate the economy. 

Mr. Frankel, if you're looking for the perfect "I-have-no-reason-to-buy-you-a-gift-except-that-you're-kind-of-cute" gift, here is my most favorite necklace of Lindsay's:


  1. Wow... what a great find! Such a neat concept of taking vintage broaches and updating them to something so special.

  2. So beautiful! Love the vintage looks! xo Lisa

  3. Thank you for highlighting my jewelry on your blog - you have impeccable taste and I'm honored! ;)

    --Lindsay (aka Miss Havisham)


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