Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Officially Ready

Happy Wednesday! Although it's January 18th, I am now finally, officially ready for 2012. I framed my calendar last night. 

Normally I have everything professionally framed. I went to Michael's two weeks ago and they wanted $97 to frame it (that was AFTER the 60% off coupon) without any matting. I decided to order a frame instead. A+ for saving money!! I'm also happy to say that it was quite easy to frame; the most difficult part was that I didn't let the actual calendar "rest" long enough and it kept wanting to roll up on me. *For the super-observant folks, yes, it's a little crooked. I'm going to fix it in a few days once it is used to being flat. 

I decided to hang it in a little nook in our kitchen. Our "office" is in the basement (truth be told we haven't even put our desk together yet), so I keep a few necessary office supplies in the kitchen. You can't tell from the photo, but I have an acrylic ruler, tape dispenser, and little tray. I want an acrylic stapler next.

I smile every time I walk by this calendar!! Do you have a 2012 calendar yet; if so, what kind did you purchase? 


  1. Cute idea! For some reason I've never been one for calendars other than the one on my phone and Outlook, but this just might change my mind! :) Kelli


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