Friday, February 17, 2012

29 must-Haves for 29 Days: Day 17

This week was strange; it was essentially completely stress-free for me, but it FLEW by. Contrast that with last week (which was busy and stressful) but dragged on FOREVER, and we have ourselves a strange situation. Nonetheless, it's Friday, so I'm not asking any questions. 

I've got to keep it real with you guys. I thought this 29 Must-Haves for 29 Days things would be a piece of cake. I LOVE products and am always creating wish lists, but I think maybe I should have called this series "29 things I sort of like". THAT would have been easy- and not very interesting. I'm still not sure if this series is interesting to you as a reader or not, but once again it's Friday (so I'm not asking any questions). 

Last night I was working on the layout for our family room. *We're ordering our new sofa this weekend!! I snapped a photo of our bar cart as I was moving things around- because I'm random like that. When I looked at the photo (below), I realized I had just snapped a shot of another must-have. Astier de Villatte

I have two bowls from the Adelaide collection. This is the smaller of the two. These are must-haves for one reason and one reason only. They're gorgeous- works of art, really. Back when I lived in Columbus (sniff, sniff), there was an amazing shop less than five miles from my house that carried the Astier line. 

Christopher and I have been talking about heading back to Columbus to shop, eat, and visit friends. *Said friends don't yet know that we may be coming to visit in a few weeks, but if you're reading you've been forewarned.* IF we make the trip, I may just have to add to my Astier collection....

This is one serious, jaw dropping Astier collection: 

*Is there a way to just time-machine myself to into the beautiful place where this photo was taken? Oh, wait, it's Friday. I'm not asking any questions. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


  1. That stuff is gorgeous. It reminds me a more modern milk glass (which I also love). I've enjoyed your must have series (and even bought some new lip gloss because of it)

  2. Totally gorgeous!!! A definite must-have, I agree! Happy weekend :) XO brynn


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