Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assistance Requested

I'm pretty sure I've sent emails at work with the exact same title as this post. Oh, and yesterday, I typed "Kind Regards" at the end of my post. Thankfully, proofreading caught that little blooper before I hit the "publish" button. I'm suffering from mashed potato brains this week. It's fun. 

On to the reason for this post. I'm requesting assistance from someone- anyone, really. A source of frustration for me is when catalogues use items to style their shoots that they don't seem to carry. I wouldn't mind if they at least provided the source. Share the love, you know what I mean? 

Case in point: 

Make no mistake: I love Serena and Lily. I also really love the greek key footed [toed ?] bowl shown in the image above.  They don't seem to carry it though. I'm so used to reading e-magazines now that I always assume if I just hover the mouse over the object a nice little box will come up and upon clicking it I will be directed to the source for the product. No such luck in this case. 

Don't ask me if I've called the catalogue. I haven't. Instead I wrote an entire post about this to plead for your help. I debated calling the 1-800, but I'm exhausted and am going to bed instead. **Yes, I just admitted to writing my posts the night before. Gasp. Even Santa comes the night before though, kids. Apologies for my mashed potato brains. And at this point I might as well go ahead and do this... 

"Kind Regards,"


  1. Ha! I have mashed potato brains too! Urghg! I hate when I see something on Pinterest and there isn't a source. It's always the things I really want!! Sorry about that red cake stand. Xoxo Elizabeth

  2. You crack me up. I can totally relate to mashed potato brains. Dang those stylists who throw in stuff that isn't for sale!


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