Thursday, March 29, 2012

So I had this post planned...

So I had this post planned, but then I got this "kind" message from blogger/google/picasa saying that I've used my photo storage space for the blog and that I need to pay up or not post any more photos. What? I didn't even realize my blog photos were stored on Picasa, so I just started deleting them, and then I realized that actually deletes them from my blog, so now I have photos missing on my blog. 

Here's the thing. In my actual job I spend a lot of time reading about and researching loyalty and how to create loyal customers. Guess what, blogger/picasa- I was never a loyal promoter, per se, but now I'm officially angry.  This is the perfect case study for what companies do to tick off their "passive" customers. When you anger someone who is just half-heartedly using your services, guess what happens? They leave. Guess what happens if you anger them badly enough? They tell all of their friends. 

So, blogger friends, I need your help. I want to get rid of my blogger account as soon as possible- unless, of course, I am overreacting (which is possible as I have had mashed potato brains this week). I've been thinking about just purchasing my own domain for some time now, but I haven't done it (obviously)- mainly because I don't know what it entails. Do you have any advice, things to be aware of when purchasing a domain, alternatives to consider (wordpress perhaps) etc.?? I'm even willing to pay someone to help me with this, which is interesting because I annoyed enough that I refuse to give a penny to Picasa. **If I enjoyed blogger I wouldn't mind spending the money, but I don't. And this has sent me over the edge (obviously). 

I am literally fuming right now. Please help. 


  1. I had the same problem once, so I started to resize everyone of them in Picasa's Picnik. (It took a while...)

    Now I resize my pictures in Photoshop, to about 30%, before I put them up.

    Good luck :)

  2. Domains are relatively cheap to purchase - I bought mine through (but mostly to use for email, not website hosting). I think wordpress also allows more/better features than blogger. Good luck! I love your photos so don't stop posting!

  3. What!? I just started my blog and use blogger. This is no bueno. I have my own domain through but you still need to use blogger or wordpress to do your blog. I had picked blogger. Now I'm worried. I hope you are able to find a relatively easy solution! Would love for you to post again on how this transpires as I'm sure many of us are going to run into the same problem!

    Good Luck!


  4. I use self hosted wordpress for my blog, but unfortunately you still have to pay a third party to host your site and how much you pay is dependent on how much storage you need which is dependent on how many pictures you have and how many visitors you have. It's relatively cheap ($6/month for me). I'm not really sure of a site that will host all your photos for free forever. Even flickr caps out at 200 and then you need to start paying. Just be aware that when you purchase a domain all your purchasing is indeed a name - nothing else. Things like hosting your blog, data storage, etc are all independent.

  5. Oh wow, I'm on blogger and had no idea they did this.....

  6. Oh please, don't use GoDaddy. Their sexist advertising (and laws they lobby the government for) are pretty much the worst.

    DreamHost is a good website hoster, and sometimes has a $9/year of hosting sale (which then costs $9/month afterwards). But I've also heard good things about BlueHost.

    I'm not really sure why you are so angered by Blogger/Picasa? It's a free service, so you're either going to have a limited amount of space...or you're going to have to move and pay for that space. Jenni's idea is a good one if you don't want to pay, just resize all your images. High-res isn't necessary for most of what bloggers share.


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