Monday, April 2, 2012


Sorry for not posting sooner. I've been tired and uninspired  (but at least I can rhyme)!! 

I'm in the process of moving my blog to WordPress and purchasing my own domain. Changes are a-comin', people! There will be a little work required on your part, though, if you'd like to continue following along and reading my strange thoughts. When the time comes I'll provide you with the new link, and you'll have to click on it and save it to your favorites (or commit it to your Rainman-like memory... whichever you prefer). So just be ready to click and save. That's it... I think. 

Onto my snippets. Luca and I have been a little stressed lately, but we're not ones to sit around and fret over it. No, we take action instead. When we're stressed we take walks...

Focusing on the pretty flowers... 

Organize our pencil pouches- okay, this is something only I do. Luca can't organize anything, but she can "sit", "down", and "shake" like nobody's business.

 Get manicures- except I had to cancel this one last minute. I am vowing to get one later this week though. Vows are serious... more serious than promises or goals. I'm vowing to get a manicure later this week. The guilt/fear of breaking a vow will force me to do it. 

Once my pencil pouch was organized, I moved on to my lipsticks. *At least I'm productive... 

Then we took a break from our organizing, walking, and sleeping. Christopher took me out for a terribly unhealthy Mexican meal. Oh how I love that boy. He even shared his chimichanga with me. 

Sunday looked like this. Lots of snuggles. 

And then I decided I could snuggle no more, so I organized my closet. 

Stress or no stress I am one lucky (and organized) girl. Luca is too. She gets extra treats when she's stressed, so she could be faking it for all I know. 

I hope your week is off to a great start! 


  1. Is that a brass dinosaur I spy in your closet? Love it!!

  2. Love your closet! Way more organized than mine...


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