Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Monday! 

I hope you had a great Easter weekend! Ours was filled with sickness and studying. Super. 

On the bright side, we did manage to: 
Grill a pizza + Buy a new tank at Target. Never go to Target for a toothbrush. Never. 

Get a manicure + Eat a deliciously artery-clogging meal. 

Other than that it was pretty much all coughy-coughy, study-study. Gross. In other news I leave for Japan next week. Kobe this time- not Tokyo. Suggestions, anyone? *Don't say "kobe beef" either. 


  1. I saw those cute colorblock tanks at Target! I can't wait to wear non-maternity clothes...they were super cute.

  2. such great pics!! would love for you to enter my giveaway! :)


  3. So jealous of your fun travels..even if it is for work! And right now, I want that burger in a big way.

  4. haha, yeah I'm pretty sure its impossible to ever leave Target with only the thing you went in for. So glad to have stumbled across your blog, btw!

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