Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Anniversary Dinner = Success!!!

It's official: I can no longer be considered a "poor cook"; I'm not sure I was ever really considered that, but I do know that Christopher would never classify me as a great cook....

That has changed. :)
Our anniversary dinner was a big success and I did it entirely by myself; I even used our Kate Spade china and Mother-of-Pearl flatware which are wedding gifts that we've never used.

The menu included:
Appetizer: Shrimp with Zesty Cocktail Sauce
Salad: Bib Wedge Salad with honey-glazed bacon, sweet corn, tomato and bleu cheese.
Entree: Filets in a Chimichurri marinade with fresh green beans and a Barefoot Contessa Macaroni recipe*. (*Really Yummy!).

*Correction: I did not do EVERYTHING BY MYSELF; Flowers provided by Christopher.

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