Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's too Green....

I alluded in my first post that my husband and I have experienced nearly everything that the poor couple in the linked Lowe's commercial had. I don't, however, have pictures for most of the mishaps because, while they are funny memories now, at the time they were anything but amusing.

Mistake #1: Terrible Paint Color Choice. The first two pictures below show the very first paint color I picked for our house. Hazy Jade. Gag. Cut me a little slack though; I was barely 23 and dark, rich colors scared me. In fact, I remember crying at the paint store because Christopher wanted a darker color and I refused and cried to get my way. I cried again though once the paint was on the wall because I realized that nothing in the room really stood out. The last three pictures show the new color, Crocodile. I like it much better.

*Oh, and it should be noted that this bathroom was also the site of our very first remodeling project. Unfortunately, I didn't even think to take "before" photos, but I remember the walls were pink and the shower had glittery, white tiles with yellow linoleum floors and a pink counter top. You're probably wondering why we changed it because the description sounds beautiful, right?? :)

Although I regret not taking "before" photos, I regret even more not taking photos of Christopher's father, John falling through the bathroom floor/kitchen ceiling during this project. The hole remained (sealed with duct tape and garbage bags) for about six months until our kitchen remodel was complete! It was super classy... :)

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