Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Reclaimed" Boxwood Clippings

I'm always hearing the word "reclaimed" when it comes to interior design. Usually, it's referring to wood floors or sometimes doors. This morning, Christopher and I (*mainly Christopher) did a little reclaiming of our own.

Last night we were driving home from the gym and I noticed one of our neighbors had a huge trash can sitting out by the street with TONS of boxwood clippings. I have a thing for boxwood; obsession may be the more accurate term. I'm not certain why, but I find them classy, timeless and clean. Anyways, the yard waste doesn't get collected until Friday so this morning while Christopher was walking Luca he "reclaimed" a large group of the clippings. I used them to add some fresh greenery to the kitchen, since flowers from Whole Foods don't really fit into our "law school budget" right now.




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