Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wolff Pottery

I periodically look through old magazines, and the other day I was browsing through the September 2009 Martha Stewart Living magazine when I noticed this:

I wouldn't have thought anything of it... just some guy who makes pots... except I have this little guy sitting on my nightstand!!

Enjoy Co. in Granville, Ohio carries Guy Wolff's pottery, and at the time that I bought this piece I just assumed it had some random words stamped on it to make it seem "vintagey". I was very wrong!

After reading the article and information from Martha Moments I can tell you that Martha discovered Wolff pottery years ago while out searching for the country's best craftspeople. She loves Guy's pottery for it's "functionality and style". Come to think of it, I love it for those reasons as well. The little tray underneath the pot is fused to it, so it's all one piece, which makes it easier to water.

I love having things in my house that have meaning to me and a story behind them; I like knowing that this pot came from a great craftsman in Connecticut and not just aisle 12 at Home Depot (not that there's anything wrong with Home Depot)!! That being said, I should add that Restoration Hardware is now carrying a line of his pots... ;)

Hope you're having a great week!!



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