Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Add it to the Registry...

... the "Outlandish Birthday Registry" that is. I have wanted a persian rug forEVER. I've been talking  bothering Mr. Frankel about getting one for over a year when I started noticing them pop up in kitchens in all the shelter magazines. 

AND my Favorite: 

One of the homes we're considering right now has a kitchen with no island. Sounds like the perfect place for a perisan rug to me. All of these rugs are from eSaleRugs; did I mention everything is an additional 25% off for the next few days?! 

A little inspiration:


  1. I'm am SO with you on this one! I'm craving a new Persian/Turkish rug and have been stalking ebay in search.

  2. Ahhh! Rugtastic! I would love a persian with peaches and pinks in my kitchen...add that to the list of things I am looking for! HA! Love your choral console, btw.


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