Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspiration Friday

I spent about five minutes trying to figure out what to title this post. I kept typing "Ideas for the bedroom", hoping that if I re-typed it a fifth time it wouldn't sound quite so.... dirty. It didn't work, so "Inspiration Friday" it is. 

Anyhow, we've been shopping for a king-sized bed. I've mentioned before that I'm a crazy, violent sleeper, so we need all the space we can get. 

This is what we'll be working with in our new home: 

The bed doesn't HAVE to go there, but it probably makes the most sense to go there based on the layout of the room. We'll play around with it though. If this is where the bed goes and we do buy a king, obviously we won't be using night stands. 

Here's what I'm thinking: 
this West Elm headboard (or something similar)

and a pair of these sconces in lieu of lamps on nightstands. 

What do you think? If the bed ends up working on the other wall we can use this as a sitting area or for a  dresser perhaps. 

Are you sick of hearing my ideas for our new home? If the answer is yes then I'm really sorry.... because I really have no intention to stop blogging about it.... :) 

Happy Friday!! 


  1. I love the headboard and sconces together, so warm. And love that your bed is in a little nook!

  2. Thanks for the comment...following you now :) I love the sconces and the headboard..I have an upholstered headboard and love it !



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