Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29 Must-Haves for 29 Days: Day 1

Happy February 1st!! I can't believe it's already February, and I can't believe it was 60 degrees yesterday. Truth be told I spent all day yesterday in bed [coloring and coughing], but it sure did look nice outside. 

One of my favorite things about the blogosphere is how easily it is to discover new [to me], amazing products! Throughout the month of February I've decided to share some of my favorite, must-have products. 

I'm a big fan of Consumer Reports, but I also trust fellow bloggers quite a bit when it comes to product recommendations. Hopefully, you find my must-haves fun and useful! 

First up is my favorite office accessory: the Circa Notebook via Levenger I've blogged about the Circa notebook before, remember? Initially, I had the cloth cover, and I would always say to my husband, "I wish they'd make a Croc-embossed Circa Notebook cover," to which Mr. Frankel would reply, "what the Hell are you talking about, woman? I'm trying to watch 24 on Amazon Prime". Lovely conversations, I tell you. Anyhow, I was shocked and ecstatic to see that my request was granted by the office-accessory-gods: Levenger now carries a croc-embossed notebook cover!

The great thing about the Circa Notebook is that it is completely customizable; you can choose your own cover, rings, and sheets to go inside. You can remove and add sheets at any time without having to rip them. No hanging-chad-type-of-things happening in my notebook, thank you! 

People literally stop me to ask where I got my notebook. It's just that pretty . I'm debuting the croc-embossed cover at work today (it just arrived yesterday), so I anticipate spending at least 30% of my day responding to compliments. No big deal. 


  1. I love this series. Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Love this!! My stationary consists of legal pads and bic pens... this girl needs to step it up. Good call :) Love the blog, by the way!

  3. I love this idea! And what a gorgeous notebook! XO brynn

  4. What a fantastic series idea! I also love that you color when you are sick because this is something I totally still do, You also better bet that I have a Barbie coloring book! Feel better!

  5. I love the Circa system and ordered the Kayoto rings after seeing your tortoise rings. Thanks for turning me on to this!

    Check out the Staples knock off line called Arc. Same system, MUCH cheaper!!

  6. There's a chance you're qualified for a complimentary $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.


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