Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2010:

Well, you've been one heck of a year, haven't you? Christopher and I both agree you were one of the most challenging (and still fun somehow) years we've had in awhile. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because I have a notebook full of goals as it is. I would, however, like to reflect on the events over the last twelve months:  

We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary.

We survived Christopher's first semester of law school. It was brutal at times, but I'm so thankful to have gone through it. I feel like the two of us can pretty much do anything now. Seriously. 
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I took a graphic design class- for fun. I would be a career student if someone would pay for it. Any takers???!! Please?
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I started my blog. This might seem insignificant to most, but starting this blog has reignited the creativity within me. I love interior design and DIY projects, but I love creative writing just as much, if not more. Writing is a source of comfort for me; I'm not always the most talkative person, but I still have a lot to say. I just prefer to say it via writing. While I tell myself this blog is primarily for me, a journal of sorts, I'm kind of lying to myself. I have 39 "official" followers now, which is amazing, and I get ridiculously excited whenever a new person joins. *Ask my brother-in-law: he joined my blog when we were all home for Christmas, and I was down in the basement, but you could hear my excited scream from the second floor. Thanks, Charlie! This blog has also saved me from chewing my fingernails off during Christopher's first semester, which brings me to another highlight of 2010...
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I can cook- pretty well, actually! It's amazing what one can do when they have no other options. Christopher loves to cook (and is quite good at it), so I just always let him take the reigns, but once he started school, he was NEVER home in the evenings. It was either cook or starve. Take-out was (and is) not in the law-school budget, so I cooked- A LOT. I should've blogged more on that; there were a few interesting moments. Thank God no one was there to witness! 

Lastly, Luca and I survived a lot of alone time together. I love my little monster so much, but it's no secret we've had our down times. She's so much like her father, but in canine form, and I am no dog whisperer. Even my father, who is a veterinarian, and loves Luca dearly, admits that she is a handful. When I think back on all the rough patches the two of us had, most of them (if not all) were my fault, and I think she just really missed her daddy. 

So, 2010, in closing, I'm thankful for you. You were pretty nasty at times, but you've made me stronger. You forced me to stop talking about things I wanted out of life and go get them instead. You made me realize that I'm even more self-sufficient than I thought. That's pretty amazing. Do me one favor, though, 2010, tell 2011 to take it easy on me- at least for a few months!!! 




  1. So ELOQUENTLY said, Kelly

  2. I am glad to have met you through blogging! Have a wonderful new year! And I am the same way about getting a new follower on my blog. My husband thinks I am crazy but he is totally supportive.

  3. I am so very lucky and thankful. Love ya!!!

  4. Just found your blog-- you and your hubs are such a cute couple! Sounds like a wonderful year.

    Happy New Year!


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