Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The adventure continues...

While it's not official yet, I just found out that there's a solid chance I'll be going to India in 2012. You heard right: INDI-freaking-A!!! I had to choose between Saudi, Israel, and India.  Tough choice, right? Is it sad that I based my choice primarily on Chicken Tikka Masala? Don't answer that... 

It's weird to think that as of April 2011 I had only been to the Bahamas and St. Lucia, and now I've been to Germany, Turkey, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Peru. When I first met Mr. Frankel I felt a little self-conscious about how much he'd travelled. Those feelings are long gone, my friends. I certainly don't think I'm any better of a person (or even more 'well-rounded') for having lots of stamps in my passport, but I do love that I've visited so many parts of the world. 

I started an "India" board on my Pinterest

I'm pretty sure this photo is from the movie A Little Princess. Tory, Danni, (my sisters) and I used to watch this all the time. Sarah Krugh was the main character- one the only "Krugh's" I've come across that I'm not related to... which makes total sense seeing as how she was a fictional character....

If I actually do go to India next year, I'm going to do everything in my power to convince Mr. Frankel to join me so that we can stay a few extra days and explore. How many other times would we go to India anyways?! 

Dear Mr. Frankel, if you're reading this, please pencil this into your calendar. You can skip class if need be; law school is silly anyways. I won't buy a new sofa so that we can afford your airfare. Think of all the fun could have running around India like a bunch of turds eating Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala until our pants don't fit. And if we outgrow our pants in a matter of days, it won't matter, because we'll just buy saris. *I'm not sure if men actually wear saris, but that's just another reason why we need to go together- to get answers to all these very important questions. Think about it; then say yes

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  1. You make me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you, BOTH, get to go!!!!!!!!


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